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The 26 Most Annoying Things Your Significant Other Does

Mar 31 2016 - 12:30pm

We all love our significant others. They are our best friends and our greatest source of love and comfort. But sometimes, they drive us up the wall! Don't get us wrong — surely there are things we do that annoy them too (nah . . . we're perfect!). Still, at least we know how to pick up dirty clothes off the floor and hang a towel after we use it. At the end of the day, the good certainly outweighs the little frustrations here and there. We can go to sleep at night knowing that we are lucky to have them, even when they annoy the hell out of us. We may just need to shove a few balled-up socks out of the way to get in the bed. Here are some things that get under our skin — if your significant other does them, too, you're not alone!

1. Leaving the toilet seat up. Falling in is a real thing.

2. Needing to do every. Little. Thing. Together.

3. Expecting sex every time you see each other.

4. Inanimate objects getting a more emotional response out of them than you can.

5. Putting empty food containers back in the cabinet or fridge instead of throwing them away.

6. Making a huge mess and then not cleaning it up, because guess who has to!?

7. Taking longer to get ready than you do.

8. Signing you both up for something or buying tickets to an event you didn't agree on together.

9. Committing Netflix adultery. This is INEXCUSABLE.

10. Bringing up an ex WAY too much. Or at all.

Source: MTV [1]

11. When your version of cleaning and chores is this:

. . . But their version of cleaning and chores is this:

12. Leaving bath towels and dirty clothes on the floor.

13. Calling you pet names that just aren't cute.

14. Pulling everything out of drawers and cabinets but never putting anything back. What is that?!

15. Neglecting to tell you the latest gossip, baby, and breakup news about your friends. "Oh, I forgot," does not work for us!

16. Eating your leftovers then making up lame excuses for doing it.

17. Ignoring the fact that the dishes are basically begging to be washed.

18. Leaving their hair around the sink, in the shower, or on the toilet seat.

19. Throwing away important receipts or papers, then they're all like, "Oh sorry, did you need that?" YES. Yes, I did.

20. When they just don't get why you are upset with them.

21. Not letting you split the bill sometimes.

Source: MTV [2]

22. Stealing the covers or waking you up in the middle of the night.

23. When you try to tell them something important, and you can tell they weren't really listening.

24. That awkward "sexy" thing they try to do that doesn't quite work. Points for effort, though!

25. Half-hearted attempts at comforting you.

26. When they say the cutest and sweetest thing to make you forget why you were annoyed in the first place.

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