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Ask an Accountant: Should I Let My Boyfriend Smoke Pot?

Conventional Wisdom is a different kind of advice column. Your questions will be answered by people from all walks of life rather than by advice experts. This week, an accountant advises a woman who's having a tough time with her boyfriend's pot smoking. Want to throw your hat into the ring? You can submit questions here.

Today's Question:
My boyfriend of over three years has been smoking pot since he was a teenager. I knew this before we started dating, but really thought he would quit by now. He is now 32 years old and still smokes multiple times a day. I've already talked to him about how I don't like it at all and wish he would quit. He then argues that it is better to smoke pot than to drink alcohol or do other heavier drugs. I see his friends that have families and they smoke around their babies and toddlers, but I do not want our kids (if we ever have any) to be exposed to it. Should I put my foot down harder or just let him have his "hobby"?

Feeling Low

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Dear Feeling Low,

It may be true that someone who smokes a lot of pot is no worse than someone who drinks a lot of alcohol, but you are wise to consider your future.

Now unless you are really warped, having kids usually makes you grow up and become responsible to some extent. But since you and he hang around others that haven't changed, my guess is that you can't count on a baby to stop the drug habit.

Now consider some really hard facts. Having kids will cost a lot, and smoking pot will really cut into your diaper budget. Since weed doesn't come with a filter, he is wrecking his health. Not to mention, lung cancer kills! So do you really want your boyfriend to increase his chances of contracting this nasty disease in the future? And don't forget about paying for all that extra medical attention. I don't know about you, but I think that insurance companies take our medical premiums and then tell us it isn't covered when we get sick. Besides, when was the last time you paid less when you went to the doctors? Cut out the weed and you can plow that money into a 401K so that when you retire you won't have to work a part-time job as a Wal-Mart greeter!

The bottom line, as we accountants like to put it, is that you need to find a new boyfriend and hang around with folks that get high on life. Ask yourself the question: how much do I love myself? Take it from a CPA, if you value yourself, the choice to move on with a new guy should add up and pay you many dividends in the future. Good luck!

The CPA (Certified Pot Adviser)

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