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Ask E. Jean for DearSugar: Do I Have a Right to be Upset?

Dear E. Jean--

I’m writing to you because I need some advice (and consoling). I recently received an e-mail from my so-called friend stating that my ex-boyfriend and she have feelings for each other. They’re seeing each other! This “friend” I’ve known for many years and this ex-boyfriend was my first love. I dated him for two years and he was my longest relationship.

Do I have a right to be mad? Is that “no-no” of staying away from your friend’s EX non-existent now?

I guess my real question is, what do I do? Do I start a cat fight over it? I have NO feelings for my ex anymore. So do I just leave it be? Do I say something? I don’t really think I should be the one responsible for calling or meeting up with her. I’m just so angry and hurt and confused I don’t know what to think! Please help me!

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MISS SAUCY PANTS: Please. Why waste the fellow? You trained him. You loved him. You left him behind. Regifting men is the highest form of happiness there is. Each time you recycle a chap, you become a brighter, better, finer, more beautiful woman. Your friend is happy. The lad is happy. Phone her. Wish her well!

Indeed, I call upon ALL DearSugar Readers! You’re the coolest women on Planet Earth. Step up to the plate, secure the happiness of womankind, and regift your old boyfriends! Women who pass on their ex-boyfriends to other women suddenly start meeting wonderful fellows. (I know because I did an Oprah show about

So, let’s get some serious karma going here. What can I say? Chasing men is delicious entertainment. But who knew it could be so dang spiritual?

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