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Ask E. Jean For DearSugar: How Can I Become a Famous Blogger?

Dear E. Jean,

A couple of months ago you posted an answer to a question on DearSugar about how to become famous writing a blog. I’ve looked and looked and can’t find the post. I’ve googled it — still can’t find it. Do you mind giving a brief rundown of what you said? I’m just starting my blog, and it’s great! (If I do say so myself:) But I can’t figure out how to get people to even leave comments on the damn thing, let alone get free publicity. What’s the secret? How do I get famous? How do I get a book deal? Where’s my movie deal? (Just kidding)
— Future Diablo Cody

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DIABLO, MY DAFFODIL: No wonder you couldn’t find the post, darling — it was in Elle. But I am so glad you asked about it. Why? Because the supreme geniuses who rock the answers and comments every day here on Dear Sugar know a million times more about getting famous writing blogs than I do. So after I’m finished flapping my gums, you will get some REAL advice. So let’s dive in:

The 3 Best Ways to Get Famous For Your Blog

  1. Eschew the old polite-essay form. Forget the hunched-over-the-keyboard insights — gah! We’re all drowning in insights! Instead choose a blogosphere icon, wittily attack his/her most sacred ideas, and update four or five times a day. This will rile up the message boards and commenters. Lathered-up commenters will produce links to your blog. The more links, the higher you go on Google, Feedster, Technorati.
  2. Own your subject. Update several times a day with bullet-proof wit on a subject nobody else is doing. (See the waggishly cool updates on PetSugar, CitizenSugar, SavvySugar — they gong-kick the competition).
  3. Do the work. Break stories, update with new links, pictures, videos, and for gawdssakes! Write with style.

    That’s it. If you blog in your underwear (like Naked News) your viewership will skyrocket; but the cold, hard facts tell us that it requires 10 hours a day, seven days a week of slogging to get your blog seen by more than 100 people, let alone read and commented upon. If you don’t possess the stamina, write on Wikipedia instead, my luv, and enlighten people.

    So much for my little introduction to getting famous for blog writing. I now turn it over to people who know just waaaaay more than I do. Take it away, Dearest Sugars:

    To see more advice from E. Jean visit Elle magazine and

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