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Ask Two Guys About Guys: Why Isn't He Calling Me?!

Ask Two Guys About Guys: Why Isn't He Calling Me?!

Colin Nissan and Sean Farrell of Don't Be That Guy fame have graciously agreed to answer some burning questions we women folk have about men. Last week they told us why some men are so carefree about farting, and this week they head into dating territory.

This week's question: "I dated this guy for about three weeks. One day all the emails, texts, calls, and dates stopped. Why do men come on strong and then vanish?"

To hear what the Two Guys have to say,


I could be wrong, but it sounds like someone showed someone else their vagina a little too soon. It’s certainly not to say that waiting a year before having sex is always advisable. However, depending on who he is and how well you’ve gotten to know each other, sometimes it’s important to form more of a bond before doing the vulva waltz.

Sadly there’s a great deal of truth to the notion the guys lose steam once the chase has ended, so it stands to reason that the more you’ve connected while wearing pants, the more reason he has to be invested in the relationship.

Let him get to know that kooky laugh of yours or that adorable way you scrunch your lips when you’re concentrating on something. God, I love it when you do that. Do some activities that will let him get to know the real you: go to a movie together, have a picnic, maybe swim with some dolphins. Not coincidentally, all things that you don’t need your vagina for, missy.

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