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25 Everyday Struggles For Awkward People

Jun 20 2016 - 12:00pm

For socially awkward people, the struggle of daily life is a real one. Try as we might, it seems like there is always something we can't get completely right . . . like, basic human interactions, for example. Our feet live perpetually in our mouths, and sometimes it's easier to call it a day and steer clear of people entirely — at least then we can avoid doing something really uncomfortable. In theory. Nevertheless, we continue bravely on, accepting our fate as socially awkward individuals and hoping to find others like us who not only appreciate our unique ways, but understand fully why we are the way we are and maybe even love us more for it.

You think small talk is kind of the worst thing ever.

Hugging strangers (or anyone other than close family and friends) is torturous.

Dating does not come naturally to you.

You bring up weird conversation topics when under pressure. ANYTHING to avoid utter silence.

Source: E! [1]

You accidentally make up new words in an attempt to chime in to conversations.

You never get the handshake right. Pound it?

High five? Something fancier? You'll never know.

You have to give your friends a list of rules for them to follow before you go out with them.

You say something out loud, then think about how stupid it was for hours. Or was it? It was. No . . . it was fine. Was it . . .?

You literally go several blocks out of your way to avoid running into someone you know.

Mind-numbing panic ensues in many (OK, most) social situations.

You accidentally get drunk at gatherings because you keep taking sips of your drink every time you feel uncomfortable.

You either undershoot it with your flirting . . .

. . . Or REALLY overshoot. Either way it's a swing and a miss.

Some people just don't get your unique sense of humor.

Eye-contact etiquette is a complete mystery to you.

You think of comebacks or jokes hours after the fact . . . and then still try to use them.

You have a way with words. Not necessarily a good way, but a way.

All you want is to be left alone, yet you simultaneously fear that you’ll be alone forever.

When you try to be sexy, weird stuff goes down.

You have to take the stairs up 12 floors to avoid elevator interactions with other people.

Friends try to do fun things for you, but you secretly hate the attention, and you don't usually react the way they hoped.

You answer “you, too!” when the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal.

Source: Comedy Central [2]

You smile and nod your head despite not hearing what someone said. You know it, they know it.

Trying to be cool doesn't usually work out for you.

You live your life knowing that tomorrow is another awkward day.

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