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Baby Fox Licks an Ice Cream Bar

Cute Alert: Baby Fox Gets Lick Happy

Someone's been itchin' for a lickin' of ice cream, finally gets his turn for a taste, and pretty much devours the whole darn dilly bar. So much for his dog friend getting a lick in edgewise. (If anyone can tell me what that pervy-sounding German guy is saying, I'd be very grateful.)

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Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
Aww such a cutie! I have always wanted a fox as a pet :)
mone79 mone79 8 years
Oh my god. Since I'm just at work and don't have anything else to do *coughcough*.... Starring: little fox: Paulinchen Guy: Guy dog: Erich Guy's wife: Doris Guy:"Paulinchen licks a little bit of icecream. yummy yummy paulinchen. Look at this yummy popsicle. Erich look what paulinchen likes. Look at that. The popsicle is from doris, that tastes so yummy, let's look at doris, I record her that everyone believes it. Now dear Erich comes, he also wants to lick-lick. Look at the little fox, it has such a yummy ice cream, look at this Erich. Erich is here and he is very reserved. Erich, wanna lick too? Erich yummy yummy." Doris:"How will it go one with the little fox?" Guy:"Let it lick the ice cream, it doesn't want more right now. ... Erich, not so fast. A nice film, an animal film is this. Erich, be nice. not so greedy, you are fat enough erich. Erich may lick one time, but very careful. Doris:"Look how he licks that thing clean, unbelievable" Guy:"Let's give Erich a little bit, he is ashamed a bit, he looks away now. Erich, where is the yummy" Doris:"There is good milk in it" BlaBla.... Nonsense :D :D
amh678 amh678 8 years
:ROTFL: sweetpeabrina!
Trixie6 Trixie6 8 years
OMG, Giggle! "Licka....licka....licka."
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 8 years
You say cute. I say rabies. :D
bluecanary bluecanary 8 years
A bit long, but it's so cute! No clue what the guy was saying (the heavy breathing was skeeving me out though!).
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