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Bachelorette Party Dos and Don'ts in GIFs

Apr 2 2014 - 9:38am

Even if you aren't a fan of weddings, there is one event of wedding [1] season that we all love: bachelorette parties! The bachelorette party is the final shebang of singlehood for the bride-to-be, and the girls' night out is traditionally filled with alcohol, phallic-shaped accessories, and shirtless [2] men. But whether the event is a mild wine tasting or involves stripper poles, there are some etiquette rules to keep in mind as a bridesmaid or bridal partygoer. To get our point across, we're illustrating these bachelorette party dos and don'ts with GIFs from movies like Magic Mike, Bridesmaids, and Bachelorette, along with TV shows like SNL and The Bachelor. So before you wake up on your girlfriend's couch with an empty bottle of vodka in your hand and a glitter smeared in questionable areas on your body, let's go over the rules of a successful bachelorette party.

Do Be Happy For the Bride-to-Be

Don't Let Your Jealousy Show

Do Contribute Ideas

Don't Forget It's the Bride's Decision

Do Be Open-Minded on the Theme

Don't Throw the Party the Night Before the Wedding

Do Chip In on Costs

Don't Be Awkward

Do Check Out a Chippendales Show

Don't Get Distracted by Guys

Do Call the Cops

Don't Reenact a 50 Shades Scene

Do Let This Happen

Don't Try on the Wedding Dress

Do Let the Bride Nix the Prewedding Diet

Don't Drink From the Bottle

Do Get the Bride on Stage

Don't Let the Bride Try Acrobatics

Do Put on Your Game Face

Don't Try to Outshine the Other Bridesmaids

Do Make Sure the Bride Is Having Fun

Don't Let Her Have Too Much Fun

Do Be Patriotic

Don't Cause Drama

Do Take Part in This

Don't Forget to Tip

Do Have a Drunk Heart-to-Heart

Don't Let Anyone Get Too Drunk

Do Have a Designated Driver

Don't Lose the Wedding Dress

Do Make Sure There's Lot of This

Don't Isolate Yourself

Do Let the Bride Be the Center of Attention

Don't Have an Attitude

Do Cheer For This

Don't Get Emotional

Do Watch This

Don't Let the Sad Drunk Keep Drinking

Do This the Next Day

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