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Backlash Against Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton Election Season

Did This Election Season Create Clinton Backlash?

For years, Bill and Hillary Clinton have been the portrait of the American political couple — while of course they've always had their detractors and critics — they've stood as powerhouses both on their own and together. Even before her campaign for president ended, however, to some the election season exposed a less than pleasant underbelly of the Clintons. While Bill and Hill supported Barack Obama, at times it seemed like they were intentionally not putting their hearts in the campaign. For instance when Bill stopped by Letterman he complimented McCain and (as Chris Rock pointed out right after) seemingly avoided saying Obama's name.

The rationale behind Clinton's tepid support could have had something to do with wanting Hillary to have another chance in 2012, but that might be painting the couple far more sinister than we should. They came under fire again this week when they had to deny having told senators to support Lieberman. While in the end the Clintons did rally for Obama, the lack of full-hearted support turned some fans sour. Now that the election is over, do you think this election season caused a Clinton backlash?


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