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Bad For Women: Playboy Names the Sexiest CEOs

We spend decades breaking through the glass ceiling, and yet there are still just 13 female CEOs in the Fortune 500. But don't worry: has decided to "celebrate that achievement" with its just-released list of America's sexiest CEOs. The package is entitled — wait for it! — "Women on Top." How original!

I know it's foolish to expect Hugh Hefner's empire to act in the best interests of feminism, but really, this is just wrong in so many ways. At least the list could have included male and female CEOs — there'd sure be a lot more to choose from!

In the interest of equality, I did a few Google searches for a list of "sexiest male CEOs" (and "hot male CEOs" or even "attractive male CEOs") and turned up nothing — not a single homage. So what if we were to put together a coed list, sorta like People's 100 Most Beautiful? I'd definitely put Salma Hayek's hubby Francois Henri-Pinault on there, and Jay-Z, were he still a CEO. Who would you add?

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