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Balloon Boy's Parents Sentenced to Jail — Fair?

Balloon Boy's Parents Sentenced to Jail — Fair?

Richard Heene's dream for a lucrative reality show career has been deflated. The father behind the balloon boy hoax was sentenced today to 30 days in jail and 60 days in a work-release program thanks to the elaborate hoax. His wife, who avoided deportation to Japan thanks to a plea bargain, will serve 20 days in jail. The prosecutors argued that a tough sentence would dissuade any potential copycats looking for fame.

In addition to time in custody, the family must pay a fine of more than $40,000 and is barred from receiving a book deal or any other financial benefit connected to the hoax. I have to say that banning them from making money off their dubious publicity stunt seems like the best punishment of all. But do you think the incident warrants jail time as well?

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