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Beauty Lies Within

Dear Sugar
I have this overwhelming feeling that I am ugly all the time. I sit in front of the mirror and over analyze my face, I hate my nose and feel like I have gotten fat. People tell me this isn't true, but I always think they are lying. During college, I graduated three years ago, I used to do some modeling but I never understood why they asked me.

My boyfriend tells me everyday that he thinks I am beautiful but if he forgets, or if my friends don't think I look cute, which they do most of the time, I get so upset and assume I look terrible which ends up ruining my night. A million times a day I find myself comparing myself to other girls and I am paranoid that my boyfriend wishes I were someone else.

It has gotten to the point that when we have sex, I wonder if he is thinking about other girls. I have contemplated plastic surgery. Has anyone else ever felt this way; and what do you think I should do to fix my ailing self esteem? Down in the Dumps Diandra

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Dear Down in the Dumps Diandra
I am so sorry you are feeling this way but try not to be too hard on yourself. You are not alone... many women suffer from low self-esteem and most of the time we are our own worst critic. Have you always felt this way about yourself or is your self-hatred a reaction to a recent event?

Suffering from low self-esteem can be extremely damaging so I think it is imperative to nip the root of this problem in the bud ASAP. From what you have said above, you are a beautiful young woman who is letting your confidence level get the best of you.

Have you considered speaking with a therapist? Are you willing to figure out why you feel this way about yourself? Many women turn to plastic surgery in an attempt to "fix" themselves even though the problem really has nothing to do with their physical looks, rather it has to do with their emotional insecurities.

Before taking any drastic measures, I advise you to seek professional help, as you are not in the right mind to go under any kind of knife and morph your look just yet. Hopefully, soon you can begin to love all the wonderful things your friends and family see in you. I wish you luck.

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