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Being a Muslim Should Not be Political Kryptonite

Barack Obama belongs to the United Church of Christ. Yet some of his opponents try to associate him with Islam. In one debate, Obama had to refute the claim that he took his oath of office on the Koran, and reassured the public that he did in fact use the Christian Bible. Phew. Glad that's settled.

But wait a second. How does that make Muslim Americans feel about a near renunciation of their holy book? Christian Obama-supporters probably don't pick up the back-door insult delivered to their fellow Muslim Americans when they "defend" Obama against charges that he is Muslim.

To find out what Obama said when questioned about his time in Indonesia, a Muslim country,

. Obama explains that he went to school there, but did not practice Islam. He has said:

"It gives me insight into how these folks think, and part of how I think we can create a better relationship with the Middle East and that would help make us safer is if we can understand how they think about issues."

When our leaders use terms like Islamo-fascism, or Islamic terrorists, do you think being linked to Islam is dangerous for a politician? Many citizens are both proud Americans and faithful Muslims. So why is it such a potent political weapon to label a partisan foe a Muslim?

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