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34 Feelings Only Someone Who Was Forever Alone in High School Would Understand

Nov 23 2015 - 7:00pm

This one time in high school, a guy tried to play off my love of art by letting me choose between a new box of markers or a date with him . . . I chose the markers.

I wasn't completely socially inept in high school — I had friends, took part in after-school activities, etc. — but when it came to the opposite sex (when it wasn't 100 percent platonic on both sides), I can only describe myself as a cross between Hermione, Josie Grossie, and Chris Brander in Just Friends. If I wasn't friend-zoned, I was running away (literally) from any sort of interested parties and having awkward interactions with guys I crushed on from afar. Spoiler alert: I didn't have my first kiss until college. With the hopes that others will relate to my excruciatingly embarrassing high school experience, allow me to share my journey. To my fellow late bloomers, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

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When you saw your crush with his new girlfriend.

How you spent prom night.

Trying to get the friend you have a crush on to notice you.

When all your friends were talking about their first time having sex.

When your best friend got a boyfriend.

How you totally played it cool.

When you thought that cute guy was waving at you.

When all the girls at football games were wearing their boyfriends' jerseys.

When you went to a dance alone.

Whenever a cute guy tried to talk to you.

When someone asked you to dance.

That moment when you thought you were going to get your first kiss.

When your friends were like, "Why don't you just go talk to him?!"

How you felt every weekend.

How you felt every time Feb. 14 came back around.

Whenever you watched a romantic comedy.

What you told people when they asked why you don't have a boyfriend.

When you found yourself near that really hot older guy.

When no one asked you to prom . . . again.

Getting ready to go out with a group of friends that included your crush.

When a guy actually gave you attention.

But then you were like . . .

How you felt at the end of every dance because your crush ignored you.

What happened after hanging out with the guy you were obsessed with all day.

Pretty much every time you tried to talk to a member of the opposite sex.

When you gave up and asked that really boring/nice guy to go to prom with you.

When your friends tried to make you feel better by saying, "Guys like you."

What your mom told you every time you had a meltdown.

Trying to be happy for all your friends who had boyfriends.

What your weekends looked like senior year when everyone's coupled up.

When you saw couples making out during lunch.

But secretly you wished it was you.

Going to the beach with your crush.

When you graduated and realized you never even had a first kiss.

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