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Belly Button Blunder

Dear Sugar
I got my belly button pierced last week and it doesn't look like it is healing properly. It gets really crusty and oozes puss when I wake up in the morning. I am afraid to move the ring around because it hurts, but I don't want it to get stuck in the same spot. Do you have any tips on how I should care for my piercing so it doesn't get infected? Pierced Paige

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Dear Pierced Paige
Belly button piercings are one of the most sensitive areas to care for since your clothing always gets in the way. Post piercing care is crucial to making sure you are infection free and that your belly won't scar. The first thing to remember is only touch your piercing when your hands are clean, as your piercing is still fresh and you are easily susceptible to catching an infection.

When you are in the shower, rinse your belly with an anti-bacterial soap and rotate your ring back and forth so the soap penetrates the entire hole. Tea Tree oil is a great natural supplement that is used to heal cuts and infections. When your belly button pusses, cover the area with a warm compress and apply an anti-bacterial ointment such as Neosporin to prevent scarring and further infection.

Keeping your clothing away from the area will also help prevent irritation and the possibility of mistakenly snagging your ring and creating an infection. Wear loose fitting tops, low rise undies and pants, and remember not to sleep on your stomach.

Since your body is working overtime to fight off any potential infections, make sure to double up on vitamins such as Zinc and Vitamin C. If it gets to be too painful or infected, your body might be rejecting the foreign piece of metal so it might be best to take it out or see a doctor. Good luck.

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