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Ben and Jen Campaign For Obama, But Is the Bloom Gone?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hosted a Generation Obama fundraiser in Boston over the weekend. A typical celebrity event — except for the attention it grabbed from the New York Times resident conservative scribe, Bill Kristol. Taking umbrage with the concept "Generation Obama," and the wilting bloom of the Obama mystique, Kristol said,

But there’s not much audacity of hope there. There’s the calculation of ambition, and the construction of artifice, mixed in with a dash of deceit — all covered over with the great conceit that this campaign and this candidate are different.

Now before you rush straight to the comments, that's not even the controversial part of the piece. To find out,


The statement that has people buzzing is where Kristol uses a claim by reporter Ronald Kessler, to place Barack Obama in the audience when Jeremiah Wright was giving his "God Damn America" sermon. Kristol doesn't use direct quotes or source the tip to anything published which would give it credibility — but it gets the statement out there, and that has tongues wagging.

Given that the piece is opinion, and that the mention was to support the bigger question of a growing Obama backlash, is this mention problematic? Is Kristol wrong?


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