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Best Foot Forward: The Campaign for Best Dressed Feet

Fashionistas and politicians are combining forces lately! While Michelle Obama made the Vanity Fair international best-dressed list, her better-half (or maybe her entire family?) has a boot named after him. The Coclico Obama High Heel Boot is selling on Shopbop for $540.00. The leather boot's "seam detailing adds an inspired touch to a sophisticate style." Inspiration plus sophistication just screams Obama doesn't it!

As for McCain footwear, the Republican candidate can be seen wearing black leather Ferragamo shoes that go for a cool $520. He sported the Italian-imports with a silver buckle, while meeting with the Dali Lama.

Considering the diminishing sales of fashion magazines, as well as unprecedented fascination with the presidential election, I don't blame fashion for embracing politics. And politicians could see some benefits, too. Nothing adds an aura of approval like gaining the title of best dressed.

Then again, politicians do (cat)walk a fine line. Which candidate needs to worry the most about winning the best-dressed elitist title — Obama for the pricey shoes in his name, or McCain for the pricey shoes on his feet?


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