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Paris, France

Who needs an ocean when you have a pond in Paris's Tuileries garden?

Source: Flickr User rgarciasuarez74

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Costa Rica

The high tide is about to sweep these lovers away.

Source: Flickr User apes_abroad

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Kamakura, Japan

This couple is literally walking on sunshine.

Source: Flickr User normalityrelief

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San Diego, CA

Get inspired as you stand in the statue of a 25-foot replica of "The Kiss" in downtown San Diego.

Source: Flickr User peasap

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Seattle, WA

Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park is near the water, making it a prime sunset viewing location.

Source: Flickr User bwmullins

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Kuta, Bali

Riding a horse on the beach might sound like a romance cliché, but I wouldn't turn down these memories or this view.

Source: Flickr User eustaquio

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Almada, Portugal

No, that's not the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the 25 de Abril Bridge in Portugal. Both spots make for romantic sunset viewing, but I can't guarantee you'll see a painted sky as pretty as this.

Source: Flickr User patareco

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Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Now might not be the time to go to Egypt, but why not take inspiration from this couple and hop in the water as the sun goes down.

Source: Flickr User imjustcreative

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Rome, Italy

If you look closely, you can see the sun setting in this man's sunglasses. A Roman cafe sounds like a perfect place to sip a predinner drink with your mate as you watch the sun go down.

Source: Flickr User yourdon

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Kauai, HI

With no one or thing in sight, you can take in the full sky with your love at this Hawaiian beach.

Source: Flickr User ladybugrock

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