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13 TV Episodes to Watch During a Breakup

Apr 29 2014 - 4:00am

We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, The Date Report [1]. Here are 13 essential TV episodes to watch when you're going through a breakup.

How can you mend a broken heart? By listening to Al Green songs [2]? Joining that yoga class in your neighborhood? Going to therapy? Taking a trip alone to get reacquainted with you? Yes, sure, all of those things are taking a step in the right direction towards getting over your recently kaput relationship, but you know what else helps? Why, the solver of all problems: television.

Of course, there's a fine line between watching a few episodes of TV to help you cope with your split and binge-watching [3] every episode of House on Netflix not because it helps, but because it's there. That's where we come in. We've narrowed down the 13 best episodes to watch if you're going through a break-up to give you the good laugh/cry/catharsis you need right now. After you've cycled through these it's time to get out of your pajamas and get back out there into the scene. The dating world needs you!

New Girl — "Big News"

This is a fairly recent episode to make the cut, but if you’re currently going through a break-up with someone who happens to be both your roommate and best friend, this should certainly prove to be pretty helpful. Nick and Jess realized it’s better to be honest about the emotions they’re going through rather than lie and say they’re “okay.” Oh, and then you should watch Dirty Dancing on an endless loop and cry it out. Available to watch on Hulu, iTunes, Google Play, and On Demand.

Sex and the City — "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice"

SATC had more than it’s fair share of break-up episodes ("La Douleur Exquise!" and "Change of a Dress" certainly come to mind) but none stuck (sorry) with viewers more than the infamous Post-it episode. After reconciling with the wiener that was Berger, Carrie woke up to find she’d been dumped via a small, yellow sticky note with the words: "I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me." Carrie went through the entire spectrum of an infuriating break-up in the start-to-finish hilarious episode. No tear-soaked stuff to be found here, just a reminder that your ex was a whiny jerk anyway and that a little pot never hurt anyone. Available to watch on HBO Go and Google Play.

Friends — "The One With the Jellyfish"

Look, if you really want to have a really good wallowing, heaving break-up cry, particularly if you’ve been cheated on, then by all means watch "The One With the Morning After." But if you need a little bit of levity and the phrase "We were on a break!" has become part of your lexicon, then watch "The One With the Jellyfish" instead. Ross lies about reading a 18-page letter ("Front and back!") Rachel wrote taking full responsibility for their split, which is totally something an asshole ex would have done too. It all culminates in a yelling match about bad grammar and erectile dysfunction and serves as a helpful reminder that getting back together is rarely a good idea. Available to watch on Google Play.

How I Met Your Mother — "Where Were We?"

Watching a recently dumped Marshall sitting out in the rain holding Lily’s engagement ring in the Season 1 finale is far too painful to watch. Besides, the Season 2 [4] premiere is better for coping with a split, anyway. Marshall spends his summer wallowing in despair, but his friends do everything in their power to cheer him up (read: take him to a strip club). Even if break-ups make you obsessively check your exes credit card bills like Marshall did, your close friends will get you out of your rut and making crappy pancakes again in no time. Available to watch on Netflix, Google Play, iTunes.

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