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Birthday Blunder

Dear Sugar
I've just celebrated a birthday that I feel was totally hijacked by my older sister and I am really bummed out about it. She asked me what I wanted to do and since we don't see each other often, I suggested a lunch so we could have some bonding time.

Instead of meeting close to my house, she took me to a place in the suburbs not at all logistically conducive to me and plans I had with my boyfriend for later that evening. When I told him I would have to push back our plans, he was pretty upset and didn't seem all that eager to spend the night with me after I had to cancel my plans since we both had to wake up early for work the next day.

We ended up getting in a fight over the phone and not seeing each other at all. I am a very big birthday person and felt my big day wasn't complete without spending it with my boyfriend. Although I was the one that had to cancel our plans, I am still upset that he wasn't flexible enough to just go with the flow.

Should I have broken my plans with my sister so I didn't hurt my boyfriends feelings? Do I have a right to be upset with my boyfriend for not spending the night with me on my birthday? Disappointed Deb

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Dear Disappointed Deb
Having your plans go awry is always a bummer, especially on your birthday. Don't you sometimes wish you could be in two places at once? Choosing a restaurant in the suburbs was a little selfish of your sister, but at least you were able to spend time together.

Birthdays come around only once a year and you are entitled to spend the day however you please so let your boyfriend know that you are disappointed. Does he know how much your birthday means to you? Something tells me there is another reason that he got so bent out of shape over the change of plans. Could he have had a big surprise planned for you?

Either way, he should have been a little more understanding and flexible on your big day so I understand why you are upset. Let your boyfriend know he hurt your feelings by not making more of an effort to be together and although your plans got off track, it would have been nice just to spend the night together.

Hopefully, he will apologize and let you know that he understands why you are so let down so that you can put your birthday blunder behind you. Let's just hope he makes up for it next year. I am sorry that you were let down this year. Happy Birthday.

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