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The Wedding Book

This book aims to be the bible of wedding planning. It covers everything from announcing the engagement, creating a budget, the pros and cons of a destination wedding, contracts and wedding insurance, dress shopping, hairstyles, rehearsal dinner, etc, etc.

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Real Simple Weddings

Multiple people have raved about Real Simple's annual wedding guide. It includes a crucial timeline and helpful budget advice. Definitely a must read.

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The Wedding Ceremony Planner

One of my co-workers wrote her entire wedding ceremony herself, and she said this book really helped. It offers ideas for incorporating personal beliefs, ethnic traditions, and other logistical considerations.

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Offbeat Bride

Ariel Meadow Stallings, the woman behind the alternative wedding blog Offbeat Bride, has a book by the same name. The book guides brides on everything from how to throw a vegan wedding, to how to answer the typical question: "so how's married life?"

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The Knot Guide For The Mother of the Bride

MOBs rave about this book, which would make a good gift for your mom if you're planning a wedding. It touches on engagement announcements and parties, interacting with the groom's family, and managing finances, as well as how to pick out the best dress.

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Wedding Chic

This conversational book is filled with beautiful inspiration that will help you decide the setting for your wedding, your color scheme, and the vibe of your reception.

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Here Comes the Guide

This book all about the wedding setting is location specific, so look for the edition that covers your area. It scopes out various vendors, including museums, historic gardens, or hotels, and weighs the pros and cons, while also offering tips on how to deal with event professionals.

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The Best of Martha Stewart Living Weddings

The pros at Martha Stewart Living published this book filled with decorating ideas, food suggestions, tips for your guest books and wedding albums, and tons of other inspiration.

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Emily Post's Wedding Parties

Etiquette experts from the Emily Post Institute want to help you plan the parties that come before your big day. And there are so many! Including: the engagement celebration, couples' shower, bachelor(ette) party, wedding week spa getaway, rehearsal dinner, reception, farewell brunch, or belated reception. Phew!

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Do You Have Any Books to Recommend?

Share your wedding must reads in the comments!

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