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Boyfriend Chooses Friends Over Me

Group Therapy: My Boyfriend Chooses His Friends Over Me

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I'd like people's opinion on this matter — I've been seeing my boyfriend for a few months, and our relationship is great. We get on really well, can talk for hours on end, and he treats me with respect and is very caring. We've even discussed about spending the rest of our lives together.

However, on a couple of occasions, when I have suggested that we meet up, he has said that he doesn't feel too well/is tired from a busy working week, and asks if we can reschedule. But on that same day that I suggest we meet up, he ends up going out with his colleagues. The first time he did this, I wasn't really bothered and we ended up meeting the following day. But the second time, I got really pissed. I don't know what to make of the situation — do I have a right to be pissed or am I over reacting?

My biggest worry is that is this something that is likely to cause a problem in a long-term r'ship/marriage? Is he putting his friends before me and will he always do this?

Any useful advice would be appreciated (no haters please).

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