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Boyfriend Is Too Comfortable After One Month

Group Therapy: Dating For a Month and Now What?

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I have been seeing someone for over a month now and things were going really great. We talked every day, from morning till bed. Hung out at least twice a week. It was fun getting to know each other. We really hit it off. We act like a couple in front of his friends and mine. But just last week after spending a whole night and day together, things seemed to change a bit. He still talked to me as usual, it just seemed like there was laziness behind it. Almost like he got comfortable and felt like he didn't have to put in as much of the effort anymore.

After hanging out with his friends one night last weekend and not inviting me, I felt kind of weird, normally he would invite me. The next morning he asked when he would see me again. He ended up coming to a friend's briefly late the following night when he got off work, but that was only for about 30 min (mind I was a little intoxicated) and then he opted to spend the Fourth with his friends and barely spoke to me at all that night. The day after he apologized for not talking to me very much in which I kind of snapped (but nicely) at him (over a text) and just said he didn't need to apologize for not talking to me when we werent really chatting anyway in which he was a little taken aback but then avoided it.

I think I snapped because I got a little insecure about the change in behavior from him over the last few days. Now things haven't really been normal. He still texts me every day and we talk a whole bunch, have plans to see each other tomorrow night at a friend's bbq, but I still feel like there is an underlying awkwardness. I also am unsure of where we stand in our relationship right now.

Usually he and I express how we can't wait to see each other and call each other lovey dovey names (still do to an extent, just nowhere near before) but I feel like I put my guard back up and he might sense it so he backed off?

I realized it's healthy for people who date to not talk all the time, but it just makes me wonder. Should I address how I have been feeling to him?

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