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What Rats Won't Do

The 1998 romantic comedy What Rats Won't Do follows an engaged London lawyer as a courtroom battle against a charming lawyer threatens her relationship.

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Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love (1998) is a story of forbidden love, imagining the young playwright William Shakespeare falling for a noblewoman who acts in his play.

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The real-life scandalous romance between King Edward and Wallis Simpson in the 1930s is portrayed in the 2011 drama W.E.

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Vanity Fair

In the film version of William Makepeace Thackeray's novel Vanity Fair, Becky Sharp, played by Reese Witherspoon, uses her wit and charm to get ahead in London's 1820s high society.

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An Ideal Husband

In An Ideal Husband, a big-screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde's stage play, a member of Parliament is blackmailed and forced to rely on lifelong bachelor Lord Goring, played by Rupert Everett.

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The Waiting Room

In The Waiting Room, a single mom ends her affair with a friend's husband after a dreamy meet-cute at the train station.

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Mona Lisa

In Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa, a noir-esque love story from the '80s, a man chauffeurs a ritzy call girl through London.

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In a Day

In a Day is a lighthearted indie romance that tells the story of Ashley, a London musician, and Michael, a quirky stranger who convinces her to spend the day with him.

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The 1996 film adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma stars Gwyneth Paltrow as the misguided matchmaker Emma Woodhouse who's too worried about setting up her friends and family to realize love is knocking on her door.

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Love's Kitchen

In Love's Kitchen, a London chef loses his wife and ends up turning his sights to a charming eatery and a beautiful American food critic.

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The Very Thought of You

In The Very Thought of You, Monica Potter plays an American in London who ends up falling for three men that she doesn't know are actually best friends.

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