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Bumpy Skin Suggestions

Dear Sugar,
I don't have acne, I just have a few pimples every once and while. It's really a rarity. But I do have kind of bumpy skin, it's just not smooth. I've tried so many different products and nothing relieves the bumpiness. My face just dries out and/or gets flaky. I was wondering if Proactive would be OK, or would it be too harsh on my skin? If not, what products would you suggest? Bumpy Bethany

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Dear Bumpy Bethany
Since you don't have acne I would stop using acne products containing benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid. They are going to dry your skin out. This includes Proactiv. It sounds like you have a skin texture problem rather than a skin condition problem.

Have you considered getting Microdermabrasion? It's great for smoothing out the skin and creating a healthy even glow. I specifically recommend going with the microdermabrasion systems that use a diamond wand rather than the messy crystals.

The crystals used in crystal microdermabrasion are aluminum oxide and sodium bicarbonate which is an older method and they really aren't strong enough to do the job as well as diamonds. Plus, crystal microdermabrasion bears the risk of leaving tiny particles in your eyes, nose and mouth.

And yes, it is true what they tell you when you are shopping for diamonds - they are the ultimate gemstone. A diamond is the hardest substance found in nature and is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral corundum (sapphires and rubies). I hope this helps.

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