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California Town Stops Swearing

Watch Your Tongue! California Town Goes Swear-Free

The language in South Pasadena is G-rated this week. The town has declared the first week of March "No Cussing Week," so blue language better watch out. There aren't any punishments for flinging a choice four-letters, other than a little community shaming from the residents and the enthusiastic mayor. Mayor Michael Cacciotti said, "one of the purposes of this . . . it provides us a reminder to be more civil, to elevate the level of discourse."

The brains behind the story? A 14-year-old high school student who's also the founder of his school's No Cussing Club. He believes that people might have a higher quality-of-life and that there might be less violence if people behaved better, saying "you have to start with the little things." Well, s$%*!

The proclamation will be in effect until Friday, and then the first week of every March hereafter.


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