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Carmen and Kristin's Dress

Carmen and Kristin's Dress

Dear Sugar
Both Kristin Cavallari and Carmen Electra were wearing a low cut, 2 tone beautiful evening dress in the March 27th issue of US Weekly. It has a banded waist and Carmen wore it with a diamond broach pinned on. Carmen's was black and white and Kristen's was blue and white. Can you tell me more about it? Classy Cassie

Dear Classy Cassie
The dress is Luca Luca . It comes in 2 lengths; mid calf and floor length. It is available in; white with black trim, lavender with beige trim, sea green with cream trim, light blue with cream trim and cream with light blue trim. It's a beautiful dress with a full pleated bottom and happens to be very elegant in person. The shorter version is $2,500 and the longer is $2,700.

Luca Luca
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