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6 Fun and Easy Ideas For a Casual Beach Wedding

Apr 3 2014 - 1:30pm

Location, location, location. If you're throwing a beach wedding [1], you want the process and the vibe to be as laid-back as your destination. So if you're on the hunt for simple DIY [2] projects and favors that your guests will actually use, this beachy big day might be just what you're looking for. Bryce Lafoon [3] shot Tiffany and Joshua's casual wedding [4] on the sands of Sunset Beach in North Carolina, and their rustic-nautical wedding [5] featured a variety of cheery details perfect for a beachy bride. Taking a color cue from the setting, the wedding featured coral and sand for the decor details. But my favorite part has to be the beer koozie favors (something Jamie Lynn Spears had at her wedding [6])! Check out more beachy wedding ideas now — they're "shore" to be a hit.

Photos by Bryce Lafoon Photography [7]

1. Beer Koozie Favors

Cheeky beer koozies are something the guests can use on your big day and far beyond. Just think, every time they have a BBQ or party, they'll remember your big day.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [8]

The bride and groom koozies are especially fun.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [9]

2. Sand Signs

For DIY [10] brides (or crafty friends of the bride), make a wooden sign in the wedding [11] colors to stick in the sand to help direct guests. Beach weddings can get chaotic if people don't know where to go!

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [12]

3. Starfish and Sand Dollar Boutonnieres

These adorable boutonnieres also happen to be supereasy to make. Hot-glue starfish to spray-painted sand dollars, glue on a ribbon bow, affix a pin to the back, and voilà!

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [13]

They're beachy, inexpensive, and much cuter than traditional floral boutonnieres.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [14]

4. Starfish Ceremony Decor

This simple DIY [15] will add some pizzazz to a ceremony arch. Glue ribbons to the back of a large starfish, then affix that to a ribbon with velcro fastenings.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [16]

It's the perfect detail for a simple ceremony setup.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [17]

5. Nautical Paddle Guest Book

Have your guests sign a vintage nautical paddle for a guest book you can use as decor after the wedding [18].

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [19]

A rustic table and starfish complete the setup.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [20]

6. Mailbox For Wedding Cards

If you're having a beach destination wedding [21], you may have more cards than physical gifts. (Hey, who doesn't love gift cards?) A mailbox for guests to put their cards in is a practical and unique way to keep them contained.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [22]

The best part about this cute mailbox is then you can use it as your newlywed mailbox. Any time you can reuse your wedding [23] decor, you're saving money.

Photo by Bryce Lafoon Photography [24]

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