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Cat Fight

Dear Sugar
About a year and a half ago I started taking the birth control pill and it gave me terrible mood swings. Per my doctors orders, I stayed on the pill as switching pills could make them even worse. In the midst of an emotional roller coaster, I went to a bar with some girlfriends on a break from college.

I had a lot to drink that night and started having a mood swing, the combination of the two was not a good idea and so I called a friend to bring me home. While waiting for my ride, one of my girlfriends and I got into a fight because I was upset and unwilling to talk about it at the bar. As a result of the argument, I lost control and slapped her.

She looked me straight in the face and told me she never wanted to speak to me again. Along with her friendship, I've lost two other girlfriends as a result of my poor reaction to the pill. My friends don't believe that medication can make me act this way and have completely turned their backs on me.

How can I remedy this situation? I don't want to lose these friends forever because of my mood swings. I also am beginning to lose confidence in meeting and making new friends because of my moodiness. Anxious Annabelle

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Dear Anxious Annabelle
The birth control pill is not right for everyone, and it sometimes takes a trial and error period to find the perfect hormonal match for you. While it is recommended to wait three months to see the true effects of the pill, if you are having adverse reactions, which it sounds like you are, I think it is best to discontinue your usage.

It sounds like alcohol got the best of you that night and you got a little bit carried away emotionally. Understand how upset your friend must be and although she doesn't buy you blaming the pill, apologize to her and tell her you would never intentionally hurt or disrespect her. All friends make mistakes so hopefully, she will accept your apology.

There are many kinds of birth control out there that will not wreak havoc on your emotional well being. Try contacting your gynecologist or visit your local Planned Parenthood to find the right method for you. Hopefully being pill free will give you back your self confidence and your girlfriends.

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