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This Wedding Has Fireworks, Wheat Fields, and a Bride in Blue

May 27 2015 - 9:00am

Ryan and Marin's wedding [1] took place in California's Central Valley, beautifully captured by photographers Jake and Necia [2]. With a huge American flag, barn setting, wheat fields, and fireworks, everything about this wedding will have you in the mood for Summer. Bride Marin shares some more details about her big day:

The Vision and Style

"We didn't decide on a theme — it just kind of happened. We used our surroundings as our inspiration. We first decided it was really important to us that we get married outside, as that is where we spend most of our time. Next, we decided it was really important for us to get married somewhere that meant a lot to us, so we decided on my family's farm. My family has farmed for four generations, and it has been a place that has traditionally brought many people together.

"Much of the decor was found there, the chalkboard signs were made from old windows we found in the barn, the lighting in the tent was tumbleweeds covered in net lights, the chandelier in the barn was an old wagon wheel, the wood table runners were actually pulled off an old cattle trailer, and the wood flower boxes made from an old fence. Most of the food was sourced from local farmers who we consider good friends. It was, in its truest sense, a real DIY [3] wedding, with my brother as the lead craftsman — there really didn't seem to be much he couldn't make. Every time we went to the ranch over our yearlong engagement, there was a project in progress."

Favorite Moment

"Ryan and I both agree that our favorite moment was sunset. Our photographers asked if they could grab us from dinner when the sun set, and we quickly agreed. The sunsets on a warm Central Valley night are not a special treat, but a way of life. We were out in the wheat field where the ceremony had been. The photographer didn't say much. He just gave us our time and captured the moment beautifully. The best part was we were removed from the celebration and watched from afar. We could see everyone at their tables enjoying themselves, and we could hear the music. 'The Wind Cries Mary' by Jimi Hendrix was playing, and we were overwhelmed with gratitude for each other and everyone who came to support us."

Advice For Brides

"The process is just as important, if not more important, than the actual wedding — so enjoy it. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it is also an opportunity to call on your family and friends to help and spend quality time with them. We had close family and friends at the ranch for almost the whole week before: we put them to work bucking hay, hanging lights, helping with flower arrangements, and on and on. I can remember the night before the rehearsal dinner, sitting out by the barn, covered in sweat, eating pizza with our nearest and dearest as the sun set and thinking to myself, this is what it's all about. These are the people who love and support us and will celebrate with us in the days to come.

"Second, prioritize. Most people can't have it all when it comes to the wedding of their dreams, so decide as a couple what is most important to you. Our number one, after location, was live music. We didn't have a big budget, but we made it a focus and found a band that was affordable and played the perfect blend of what we wanted."

The bride and bridesmaids' jewelry was made by hand from the ladies at Bella Boutique [4].

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