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Check This: Iraq War Protesters, I'm Listening

Check This: Iraq War Protesters, I'm Listening

Today's protests made me proud to be an American. In our political dialogue, sometimes the voices of everyday Americans get drowned out. While I can understand the annoying disruption caused by people blocking the busy streets with their bodies, think of how much attention and influence they would command if they did it every day.

In the last five years, 4,000 US soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died. Millions of Iraqi refugees are displaced. The war costs US tax payers $600 billion per year. Al Qaeda has entered Iraq. America's standing in the world has diminished. If the majority of Americans want something to change, they should not be complacent.

Those with a concentrated interests in the Iraq war have the incentives and means to assert such interests. The organized industries can make their case to policymakers. But the average American doesn't have the ear of those in power. That is why I think it is crucial for Americans to manifest their dissent. Only then can we know the sentiment of the people. Whether you agree or disagree, the conversation must be had.

Walking among the protesters this afternoon did not make me nervous. Everyone I saw was peaceful, yet frustrated. Check out this great video of what was going on right outside Sugar HQ.

Have a different opinion? Check out Citizen's response.

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