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Check This: Little Democrats Books

Most of you were against using children as political billboards, but what about introducing kids to partisan politics using colorful childrens books? The "Little Democrat" books use, what the author calls, plain and nonjudgmental language to depict "the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, equality, and concern for the well-being of others." Author Jeremy Zilber hopes his books will inspire a new generation to be involved and informed.

Here are some example pages:

  • "Democrats make sure we all are safe, just like mommy does."
  • "Democrats make sure we all share our toys, just like mommy does."

  • "Sometimes the Earth feels a little sick. Democrats make it feel better again."

I think it's important to learn about social and political issues at a young age. If parents can send children to religious schools, what's so different about sharing passionate political beliefs?

Do you think that the "Little Democrat" books are simply sharing, or does it sound more like brainwashing?


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