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Cheers to That! Would You Pour a Glass of Palin?

What's organic, from northern Chile, rich, full-bodied, and listed on the McCain campaign stationery? Nope, it's not Sarah — it's Palin Syrah (no relation, of course.) The red wine carries the vintner's name and "describes a ball that was used in an ancient game played by the Mapuche, a group of people indigenous to central Chile."

Not surprisingly in our all election attention span, the similarity is making it both a hot and drop-it-like-it's-hot commodity. Staunch Obama supporters won't swill a drop of it saying, "'Oh, I don't want to drink that. That's too close,'" according to one wine bar owner. But McCain/Palin fans are snapping up the $13 bottles for their GOP-themed parties.

And what does a Palin taste like? According to the distributor, "The wines are outstanding. Very rich, full-bodied. There's nothing political about the wine in any way." Would the name stop you from indulging or encourage you to say cheers?

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