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Cheney Tells Palestine and Israel, "Love Hurts"

Cheney Tells Palestine and Israel, "Love Hurts"

Yesterday, US Vice President Dick Cheney attempted to resurrect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Cheney met Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority, as well as Israeli leaders Sunday, and maintained that an independent Palestine is long overdue.

Of course, achieving that vision won't be easy. Cheney warned that a peace deal will mean "painful concessions" by both sides. Abbas was quick to demand Israeli concessions. He asked Cheney to call on Israel to stop building settlements and stop firing on Palestinian militants.

The Bush Administration is working hard to help Israel and Palestine reach an agreement before Bush leaves office. Bush traveled to the region in January, and will return in May. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is making monthly visits. Do you think President Bush can bring the two sides together, adding a tangible and commendable accomplishment in the Middle East to his legacy?


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