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18 Signs You're Officially a City Girl

Jul 21 2015 - 4:00pm

Whether you were born in a big city or you adopted one later, being labeled a city girl feels like a badge of honor. Even if it means you live in an apartment that's overpriced and tiny, at the end of the day, you wouldn't trade it for life in the burbs. How do you know you've really made it? Let's find out . . .

You Never Leave Home Without a Pair of Flats

You Get in That Subway Train No Matter How Crowded It Is

You Somehow Fit All Your Clothes Into a Teeny Closet Like a Ninja

You've Let Go of the Idea of Personal Space

The Cute Doorman Knows Your Name

You Tune Out Garbage Trucks and Bar Fights Like a Pro

You've Mastered the Art of Walking Up to Your Apartment Drunk

You Have Every Taxi and Car Service App on Your Phone

Crosswalk Rules Don't Apply to You

Kombucha, Quinoa — You Know All the Food Crazes

You've Tried Every Online Dating Site That Exists

Source: Channel 4 [1]

You Exercise by Going to the Grocery Store

You Never Live in a Place More Than Two Blocks From a Bar

You Make Up Stories When People Ask Where You're From

You Know Bikes Are as Dangerous as Cars

You Go to Free Parties Once a Week

You Find Ways to Entertain Yourself Doing Laundry

Pigeons Don't Scare You

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