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Clinton's Name Put in For Nomination

Democrats Up in the Air, Hillary's Name Put in For Nomination

Hold up y'all, I don't hear any kind of lady singing on the Democratic nomination just yet! The Obama and Clinton camps have just come to an agreement that will allow Clinton's name to be put up for nomination, too. A source close to the development says, "both sides agree that it is in the best interest of party unity and making sure that everyone's voice and vote is honored to make sure her name is put into nomination. It's to honor everyone who worked so hard on both sides."

Aimed at healing hurt feelings from the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, the deal, according to a Clinton camp source, "truly was a joint decision. This wasn't something she was itching for, looking for. But so many of her supporters said it was important to them. And the Obama people got how important it was to smooth over any tensions and that it was the right thing to do."

To see how it will happen,


Here's how it will go down: after both Clinton and Obama names are put forward for nomination, there will be a roll call vote — that's where Clinton supporters could make a difference. It's not incredibly likely given they've planned for the next step, too — at some point during the convention, Clinton will release her delegates officially to Obama and she'll make it crystal clear that she is voting for Obama.

Is this an exciting development, a distracting charade, or just a nice gesture? I'm looking forward to seeing it go down with Liberty in Denver!


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