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Clinton vs. Obama: Who Has the Momentum?

Who won today? Well, that depends what your definition of "win" is. Clinton definitely broke Obama's winning streak, and came away with big prizes — Ohio, a state crucial in the general election, and Texas, which is as big as it gets.

Hillary Clinton might have a legitimate ticket out of Junior Super Tuesday, simply as a result of the complicated nature of the results. Deciding which matters most —net delegates, the popular vote, big states vs. small states, momentum — is all susceptible to serious pro-Clinton spin. Today, it may mean that the Democrats and the press, want to take a second look at Barack Obama.

Earlier, most of you said that Hillary Clinton needed double digit wins in Ohio and Texas, or she's toast. It's true that the math is still not in Hillary's favor, and an appeal to superdelegates may turn people away from the Democratic Party. Now that the results are in, do you think Hillary should go on?

And for Politico's Top 5 factors behind a potential Clinton comeback,


  1. The "SNL" Factor. SNL exposed fawning coverage of Obama.

  2. Wolfson Barks. Howard Wolfson is Clinton’s hired thug, a.k.a. campaign communications director. He is convincing the press to be tougher on Obama.
  3. Burying Bill. Is the former President on a covert mission with Harry in Afghanistan?
  4. Sister Sledge. The press may be underestimating how much complaints of sexism ring true to many women.
  5. Timing. The Tony Rezko trial coming on the tail of the 3 AM phone ad was perfect.


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