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Cloned Dogs Fighting Crime in South Korea

The cloned puppies seen in this picture will soon hit the K-9 beat. South Korea plans to use labrador retriever clones to sniff out drugs and contraband for the Korean Customs Services.

South Korea was the first to clone a dog, and now the country is putting the technology to use. The seven puppies up for service were cloned from a highly trained and successful dog working for customs patrol right now.

Like their DNA, the puppies all share the same name “Toppy” – a blend of the words "tomorrow" and "puppy." South Korean officials say the program will increase the quality of the sniffing dogs, all with a cheap price tag.

Is there anything freaky about taking one dog that’s doing a good job, and multiplying him by seven? Do you think governments and businesses will soon justify any type of cloning by saying it produces superior and cheaper results?


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