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Come Story Telling With Me! The Completed Story

Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this week's Come Story Telling With Me. And now for the completed story!

"Laurie, the 43-year-old, sent me flowers for Valentine's Day last week. He clearly isn't getting the hint that I'm over it so what should I do?"

"Well, Jenna, I'd shred them up and send them back to him. He ought to pick up on that message."

"I can't shred the flowers! You know how much I love lilies. I could shred the card. I still can't believe it said 'I know that my love is true. I know that you'll love me too, or I'll hold my breath 'till I turn blue. You're my love guppy.' Seriously, could he be any cheesier?"

"Yikes, that's really awful. I know his brother said he was going to be the one to break the news about you two dating, but he obviously hasn't gotten up the nerve yet. It's time to tell him who you're really in love with."

"He's going to be so crushed. Well, at least I know I get along with their mom! I can only hope she'll help pacify the situation, but I know she's going to hate me. This is going to be awful!"

"You're right. It's not your place to tell him. If I were you, I'd call your boyfriend and give him an ultimatum. Tell him he better tell his brother tonight, or you're breaking up with him. This is ridiculous. He said he was going to do it on their trip to Florida last week. He's being a wuss, and if you want my opinion, it doesn't show much respect for you. Either he talks, or you should dump him."

"You're probably right, but I have to imagine it's just as hard for him as it is for me to deal with. It's his brother he's about to crush! Well, I'm still going to talk to him. Something has to give; this is getting out of control."


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