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This Could Be a Problem

OnSugar blog Rantings of a Single Girl posted an online-dating dilemma. Can you help?

I reactivated my profile a while back. I've started emailing with a few guys, but they really haven't been going anywhere. But I've had my profile checked out by at least four 60+ year olds. One actually emailed me saying he was really interested in getting to know me, despite the 38 year age difference. That gives me the heebie-jeebies and makes me want to deactivate my account immediately, but boys will be boys at any age, I guess.

Back to the point here . . . I have been talking to one guy for about two weeks. He seems nice, is very open about himself, and appears to have a good head on his shoulders. Until yesterday when he dropped a bit of a mini bomb on me: he doesn't drive. At all. Now I admit he has a very good reason for not driving (I'm not going to get into detail, so don't ask), but wow. Then he says, "I hope that isn't a problem." Well, it kind of is.

Now the reason he doesn't drive isn't the problem, although I admit it would take some getting used to. It's the fact that he doesn't drive. He lives at least a good hour away from me. Actually I think it's more like one and a half hours . . . it's been a really long time since I've been over his direction. The fact that he doesn't drive means that I'll be doing all the driving if we were to date. I don't like that fact. This is why I don't like long distance relationships. They suck.

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Now, I know some of you are thinking, why did you start talking to him if he lives that far away? Well, one, I try to respond to all my emails on Match . . . unless I have a damn good reason not to. Two, if things did spark with any guy who lives one-two hours away from me, then there is such a thing as meeting in the middle. At least until you figure out if you're compatible and so on.

Yet there will be no meeting in the middle with this guy. In fact, he has to live in an city that has public transportation so he can get around. Um, where I live, the concept of public transportation is laughable. I can't think of any place in a 50-mile radius that has public transportation (which is sad, but that's another story). Sigh.

I don't know what to do. I mean, the guy has potential. Except for that teeny tiny fact that he doesn't drive. It sounds so petty to say that I don't want to pursue this further because of that reason, but it's a big problem. Especially when you live in the rural South and driving is a pretty essential thing.

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