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Country's Worst Christmas Tree Unveiled to Shoppers

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Country's Worst Christmas Tree Unveiled to Shoppers

The folks in Durham County in northeast England got a sad little surprise recently when this "threadbare . . . sorry looking Christmas tree" was unveiled by none other than Natasha Hamilton, a singer for the band Atomic Kitten. As soon as she switched on the Christmas lights, the snark began. "I would describe this tree as just like a twig," sniffed one shopper. "If the shopping centre couldn't have afforded to put up a better Christmas tree," complained another onlooker, "they shouldn't have bothered." "I think they should take it away and throw it in a skip," huffed another person. (I guess a skip is a fire!) Whoa, people. Maybe the good kids of Charlie Brown can remind you guys what Christmas (and this season in general) is all about. I feel strangely protective of this wan little twig festooned with lights . . . Click here to read more about it.

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