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Coworkers Like to Pray at Work

Rantings of a Single Girl: The Circle

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Rantings of a Single Girl.

At work, we are a pretty close unit.  Lately, one of my coworkers has been going through a very, very hard time.  So the solution that everyone else has come up with is a daily prayer circle.  Which makes me uncomfortable.

It's not the prayer circle itself.  I think it's wonderful that I work with people who care enough about each other that we try to lift each other up when we can.  It's just, I feel out place in the prayer circle.  I've mention before that my beliefs on God and so on are a bit rocky at this point in my life.  Everyone else in my work group are steadfast Christians.

Like steadfast, come-to-Jesus-now, Bible-Belt-raised, nothing-else-is-acceptable Christians.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  I wish I could be as steadfast in my faith.  Yet no one at work knows how I sit on the fence when it comes to religion and faith.  (I've generally found that keeping that fact to myself in certain circles is better for all involved.)  So naturally, I am expected to be a part of the prayer circle.

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Like I said, I don't mind.  It's just I feel strange while everyone is praying to God, I'm sitting there thinking, am I ruining their prayer by being in the circle?  Does my skeptacism ruin the entire purpose of what they are trying to accomplish?  I do believe in higher powers.  Heck, maybe I even believe in the same God as every other Christian... and I just don't feel it yet.  All I know is that while I'm in the prayer circle, I think good thoughts for my coworker that is having the hard time right now.  I truly want things to improve for her.

But am I the negative force when people are trying to be good, holy, and uplifting?  Or is it possible that while I may not be praying the same prayer to the same person as everyone else, that my good wishes and thoughts will still serve their purpose?  Faith is so tricky... then again, I guess it wouldn't be called faith if it wasn't.  It'd be called sureness or something silly like that.

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