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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: I Think My Friend At Work Hit On Me

DEARSUGAR and Stunned Stella need your help. She was invited to her co-worker's party last night and did not at all expect it to be a sexy swinger's party. She's totally confused about the message that she's been sent by her co-worker. What do you think it means?

Dear Sugar
Last night I attended a birthday party for a co-worker who works in the cube next to me. She is a super fun, fashionable and smart girl and although we don't socialize much outside of the office, I feel like we are pretty good friends at work.

We take our lunches together and occasionally take a walk during short breaks. I was surprised that she invited me to her apartment for her birthday, but very happy about it nonetheless. When I walked in, I hadn't given much thought to the crowd, but I was shocked to high heaven when I saw what was going on.

Everyone was scantily clad in sexy outfits and most people were coupled off in different corners hooking up. For the love of humanity, this was a swinger's party! When it finally set in what was going on, I grabbed a beer and sat myself in the bathroom to calm down and sort this out. Once I walked out again to the main room and caught a glimpse of some women on women action, I jetted for the door.

I am single and my co-worker is single and she is well aware that I am single. I could completely be jumping to conclusions here, but I thought that perhaps this was her way of hitting on me or something. What would give her the impression that I'd want to get jiggy at this kind of party? I stayed home from work today, but I know that I can't hide forever. How can I straighten this out with her when I get to work tomorrow? Stunned Stella

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