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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: My Mom Constantly Criticizes My Parenting Style

DEARSUGAR and Smothered Samara need your help. Calling all mothers. What can Smothered Samara say to her mom so that she'll back off and respect her a little bit more?

Dear Sugar
I've got one of those mothers who can't help herself from criticizing those around her. Any chance she gets, she'll let you have it. Being as I am her daughter, I have caught the brunt of it many, many times. I usually just let it go and rationalize that this is just her way, but now she has taken up criticizing my parenting style and it's really beginning to offend me.

I have talked to her about this and for a while she was being respectful but now she's starting up again. She'll say things like, "He sure knows how to get his way with you," referring to my three year old son. She also often interrupts me when I'm trying to explain something to my son and she'll thrust her two cents on us.

I understand that she is my son's grandmother, but I am my son's mother. I feel as though that if she has a problem with my parenting or if there is an issue that she wants to discuss, she should tell me in private, away from my son.

I am extremely grateful to my mother for doing what she has for my family, but I believe that she's overstepping her boundaries with all of her criticism. I feel as though I'm constantly being watched and examined while I'm parenting my own son.

I am not the perfect parent and I know that. I've made mistakes, but I always make sure that my son is provided for and that he feels loved. I am open to a suggestions from my mother if I ask her for her help, but when she steps in uninvited, I get a little angry. Do you have any suggestions for me? What can I do about her? Smothered Samara

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