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DEARSUGAR and Disappointed Dara need your help. She's found herself enjoying the lavish gifts from a wealthy young man, however she is married. Doesn't she understand that nothing ever comes for free? I've always said that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. How is she supposed to handle this situation moving forward?

Dear Sugar
My husband and I are friends with a very wealthy man. He just broke off his engagement and took us, another couple and some (handsome male friends) on a trip of a lifetime. We spent ten days in his five room suite in a fancy hotel in the Costa del Sol in Spain with every whim of ours being attended to. This was originally the vacation that he had planned for his honeymoon.

While on the trip, he proceeded to buy the two of us women (we’re both married) luxurious gifts. He’s such a generous man who is extremely kind hearted. Since he’s not particularly good looking and extremely effeminate it’s difficult for him to meet women. I know what you are thinking—sweet rich guy can’t get a girl, but it’s true. He just can’t seem to find someone genuine. We really connected and since the trip, we’ve met for lunch and a few shopping dates.

My husband isn’t threatened by him because he knows that I am not attracted to him, however, he has expressed that he thinks it’s strange how a man is constantly showering another man’s wife with gifts. My husband actually thinks that he might be gay and can't understand why he'd like to shop so much. I guess that I’ve just turned my cheek to the strangeness of it all because I am really enjoying getting spoiled. Just last week he bought me a gorgeous oriental silk rug for $25,000. I know that he’s got plenty of money to spare and these sprees of ours are as fun for me as they are for him.

Also, I am an art dealer with a specialty in oriental art. During our last lunch out, he handed me a job offer letter. He's currently building a 45 million dollar hotel in Paris and has asked me to supply it with all of the art. I was elated. This is my dream project and I couldn’t wait to begin. I have been working on his hotel remotely for just about two weeks now and the plans are going marvelously. This is the one job that could really propel my career.

Unfortunately, last night I got a call from a girlfriend of mine that has left me feeling upset and unnerved all day. She and her husband were having dinner with him last night at his home. I guess the wine was flowing pretty heavily and when her husband got up to use the restroom, he confessed his undying love for me and how he couldn't wait to finally get me to Paris alone.

What should I do about continuing to have him in my life now? Can he and I still be friends? Can I continue to work on his hotel? Do I need to give back all of my gifts? And lastly, do I need tell my husband? Disappointed Dara

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