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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: The Dating Game

DEARSUGAR and Trying Hard Hallie need your help. She is getting back into dating again but she isn't sure just how long she should go out with a guy who is nice, and fun, but that she doesn't feel any chemistry with. All of you dating experts out do you feel about this?

Dear Sugar
While I was busy studying hard in college for my B.A. and my Masters, I stayed away from dating. I primarily focused on school and am finally graduating with honors later this month. Now that I am close to finishing, I have a ton more free time than I am used to.

I've been going out more and I've asked friends to set me up so that I can start dating. I've been saying yes to everyone and have been trying to have a positive attitude about it. Since I am always game for meeting new people and enjoy new food or activities, I have been on some adventurous and fun dates, but I really haven't felt any genuine sparks with anybody.

Is there a rule about how many dates you should continue to go on with someone if there is no connection? I am meeting lots of great guys that there is nothing wrong with, but I am just not getting butterflies from any of them. Do you have any suggestions for me? Trying Hard Hallie

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