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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: The Sociable Cigarette

Happy Monday everyone! First I'd like to say that in no way do I promote or condone cigar or cigarette smoking. But, seeing as many of you do smoke (I read lots of your TEAMSUGAR profiles), I thought that if you are going to smoke, at least smoke with class.

However, since I'm not much of a smoker, I'm unfamiliar with the proper inner workings of cigar and cigarette lighting etiquette. Both myself and En Fuego Fiona could use a little bit of insight here. What are your thoughts?

Dear Sugar
What's the proper way to light someone else's cigar/cigarette? I know that you should always light a woman's cigarette before a man's, but the rest is unclear to me.

  • When you are using a lighter, do you light someone else's first and then light your own?
  • If you are using matches, are you supposed to do the same or are you supposed to light yours first so the sulfur from the match doesn't permeate onto their cigarette?
  • Lastly, do you bring the flame to the cigarette or do you bring the cigarette to the flame?
  • Any advice would be much appreciated. En Fuego Fiona

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