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The show: 30 Rock

The date: See an improv show

Man, Liz Lemon has it rough. As head writer of a sketch comedy show, she has to try and not pull her hair out when dealing with a difficult boss and an unstable star. Grab your honey and head to a local comedy show and just hope that you find the same level of craziness on stage.

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The show: Mad Men

The date: Get close at a speakeasy

Has there ever been at episode that doesn't feature Don Draper at a dimly lit bar (with or without his latest mistress)? Cozy up with your love and a classic martini at a speakeasy or trendy hotel bar that screams "sexy." Bottoms up!

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The show: Breaking Bad

The date: Visit a science museum

Where would Walter White be without all his science expertise? To make it to full-time meth dealer status, he started cooking in a van — and while that's not exactly the most ideal date idea, you two can bond over equally riveting exhibits.

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The show: Modern Family

The date: Cook for family dinner

We can't all laugh with Phil, Cam, or Gloria over dinner once a week (sad face), but we bet your families are just as cool. Cook up a meal together, and invite both your parents and siblings over for a good time. (And if you're not that serious, substitute family for friends!)

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The show: Game of Thrones

The date: Go to a Medieval festival

Let's see, the hit show features castles, knights in shining armor, and jousting tournaments galore — sounds like the perfect recipe for a Medieval date whether at a Renaissance fair or a restaurant like Medieval Times. Don't forget to tap into your inner king and queen.

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The show: The Big Bang Theory

The date: Host a game night

How else do you bond with your socially awkward apartment neighbors than by having fun over game night? Follow in Penny's footsteps and invite your favorite couples over for a group date night full of competition and cocktails.

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The show: House of Cards

The date: Road trip to your state's capitol

When Francis Underwood sets out to get revenge on the people who snubbed him for a secretary of state appointment, you know the congressman means business. Set out yourself on a civic lesson by taking a romantic road trip that ends at your state's capitol.

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The show: Girls

The date: Eat ice cream and watch a movie in your pjs

What happens when you're a 20-something in the middle of a quarter-life crisis? Like Hannah, you eat lots of ice cream or cool whip and spend plenty of time in your jammies. Sulk (or celebrate) together by enjoying a relaxing night in.

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The show: Homeland

The date: Build a care package for an overseas soldier

Marine Nicholas Brody may or may not be working for the enemy, but he's still considered a hero for serving time in Iraq. Take a cue from the show, and honor soldiers together by sending a care package or getting close over other volunteer date ideas.

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The show: Downton Abbey

The date: Sip tea at a tea room

There's no denying that the British love their tea and that it's at the heart of many memorable scenes of the show — even connecting servants and the elite. Use it to connect with your favorite guy or gal by heading to a cute tea room. Pinkies up!

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The show: Veep

The date: Vote in our Emmy ballot

The vice presidency isn't exactly what Selina Meyer expected it to be, but she got there because she was on the winning ticket. Exercise your constitutional right by discussing your Emmy picks with one another and then voting in our ballot. It's super easy and you could win $1,000! Consider it free date money.

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The show: Louie

The date: Have dinner at a diner

How lucky are we to get a laugh out of Louie's everyday ordeals as a single dad in New York City? Channel his down-to-earth style by heading to an all-American diner with your main squeeze. Don't forget to share a milkshake!

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