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Dating Disaster: How To Let Him Down Easy

Dear Sugar
I met a guy at a baseball game a few months ago. He seemed really nice. He was funny, and pretty cute. We chatted throughout innings and at the end of the game, we exchanged business cards. The next day I received an e-mail from him asking me out to dinner. We emailed back and forth throughout the day and I accepted his dinner invitation.

The next week we met for our dinner date... and let's just say there was no chemistry. The conversation was dull, he talked only about himself, and there were way too many awkward silences. Towards the end of our meal, he asked if I wanted to grab a drink before we went out separate ways. I politely declined, thanked him for a lovely dinner, and went home.

The next day, I opened my email and low and behold he had written me asking me out again. A few hours later, I check my cell phone, and he had left me a message as well! I was in complete disbelief that he felt a spark between us and actually wanted to take me out on another date.

I did not respond to his email or voice mail. Over the next few weeks, my inbox and cell phone was inundated with messages from him. Each email was followed up by a voice mail and visa versa. I thought that ignoring his creepy aggressiveness would be enough of a hint, but no such luck. How do I tell him I am just not interested without hurting his feelings? Spare Me Milly

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Dear Spare Me Milly
This guy sure is persistent. Breaking things off with a man is never fun and sometimes quite uncomfortable. Ignoring his messages will only leave him wondering what happened or with hurt feelings. I think honesty is the best policy when ending relationships, even if it was only one date.

If you really want to avoid speaking to him, try emailing your blind date and saying something like this:

"I am sorry I have not gotten back to you. I have received all your messages and while I am flattered by your interest, I am not looking for a relationship right now. I am sorry if I lead you on to you think differently. Thank you once again for dinner the other night. Take care."

Hopefully a straight forward, yet respectful response will finally put an end to your dating disaster. Being direct without being rude or disrespectful will hopefully get the point across. Even though it didn't work out with this guy, there plenty of other dating treasures to be found. Don't let him discourage you from dating. Good luck.

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