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Day 3: What's Happening at the Convention Today

Day 3: What's Happening at the Convention Today

Wow. Following Hillary's speech and a night of events (full story coming soon, but let's just say Wyclef Jean, Everclear, and Chris Daughtry are pretty amazing live!) today will have to work hard to top it, but it's going to sure try:

  • Liberty is checking out a panel with Ariana Huffington.
  • The much anticipated, albeit probably brief roll call vote of the states is tonight.
  • San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is hosting an event called UnConventional '08.
  • At the podium tonight, a real line-up: Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Bill Richardson, Evan Bayh, and Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden.
  • Kanye West is headlining at the ONE event to stop global poverty.

We'll keep you posted as the day goes on, with the full story of last night is coming very soon!


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